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Telmap’s predictions for 2013

It’s that time of year again; a time of reflection as 2012 comes to a close whilst the anticipation of what’s to come in 2013 takes shape.

December 16, 2012

It’s been another interesting year in the mobile industry and the location-based services market– from the birth of a host of new devices to the surge of new tablets, the launch of 4G connections across the UK and key players in the industry launching direct to consumer (D2C) location-based services apps. With all of that, December is the perfect time to look ahead onto the horizon of 2013 and ponder a few upcoming trends.

2013 is shaping up to be a year where the big players, Apple, Google, Microsoft-Nokia and Intel via Telmap, will continue establishing their presence in the location-based services market. Nokia’s recent launch of HERE has put them back on the LBS radar and we expect to see a number of developments from all of the key players throughout 2013 as additional, more sophisticated usage of location-based services applications emerge; making LBS even smarter.

We at Telmap believe that in 2013 LBS will continue to develop and go beyond navigation, to serve all of users’ day-to-day needs while on-the-go. We expect to see an increase in the sophistication of LBS apps with premium content, mobile commerce such as coupon and voucher schemes, and in app advertising taking a front seat. The industry will see growth in 2013 from the evolution and maturation of these areas as well as overall consumers take-up increasing. For example, the number of consumers receiving coupons via mobile devices is expected to rise by 30% next year to more than 500 million people, a new report from Juniper Research has found, which is likely to be fuelled by the continued development of LBS applications offering mobile commerce.

2013 is expected to be yet another year where mobile and location-based advertising continue evolving, growing and slowly enter the mainstream of the advertising world. Currently most major brands already consider mobile as an integral part of their media channels, driven by the reach and interactivity of smart phones and their constantly-increasing user base. The future of location-based advertising is evolving towards an emphasis on the adverts’ ability to literally “drive” or “walk” a user through the front door of an advertising business’ location. Advertisers are becoming more and more aware of the location component’s power to drive a user to the retail location. This is redefining the traditional location-based advertising revenue model which is fundamentally based on Cost-Per-Milles (CPM) with little emphasis on Cost-Per-Action (CPA). As such, CPA is on the rise and we expect in 2013 advertisers will continue to pay more and more for CPAs that get their target audience to a specific location.

We look forward to 2013 and are excited to see how the industry develops over the next year!

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