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December 09, 2012

Telmap Enriches M8 UK with Nearby Deals & Coupons

Telmap, pioneers in mobile location-based services, announced today a new partnership with VouChaCha, the world's leading multi-channel voucher and deals network. This recent collaboration will provide iOS, Android and Blackberry touch users of M8 in the UK with location-relevant access to Vouchacha’s robust offering of deals and coupons. Enhancing the user experience by offering deals and coupons nearby is directly in-line with Telmap’s mission of providing people with instant, relevant, reliable and fun information while on-the-go.

VouChaCha, who powers My Voucher Codes in the UK, aggregates in-store offers from over 2,000 retailers and now those offers are available to Telmap M8 users in the UK for free. Not only can M8 users now find nearby deals, but they can also initiate a navigation session (on foot or by car) to the respective retailers and redeem the coupon by presenting it from within the app to the retailer. Deals offered to M8 users by VouChaCha will also provide the user with useful information such as details about the offer, availability of the offer and store information. Retailers also win with this integration as it provides them with a contextual medium in which to promote their offer but also allows those interested to navigate directly to the retailers’ location.

“Our collaboration with VouChaCha in the UK enriches the on-the-go user experience by offering location-specific deals to our M8 users just in time for the Holiday Season. By empowering M8 users in the UK to locate deals around them we enable more sophisticated usage of location that brings real value to end users, helping them smartly fulfil a need while on-the-go…It’s a deal for something you are interested in, and it’s nearby, so you can access it with minimal detour.” – Tsipi Joseph, Director of Marketing, Telmap

“Location based services are core to VouChaCha’s value proposition and we are excited to be working with Telmap and Intel to deliver offers into their flagship mobile Sat Nav application. Enabling users to locate special offers en route and at their planned destination represents significant value to our retail customers, in addition to a fantastic user experience. For consumers VouChaCha is committed to delivering the right offer, to the right user at the right time and partnering with companies such as Telmap that can help us achieve this vision.” - Ben Brown, CEO, VouChaCha.

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